The modern alternative to conventional braces.

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Invisalign in St Albans serves as the modern alternative to conventional metal braces! Invisalign is arguably the largest brand provider of clear aligner appliances, providing patients’ with over four million happy smiles on a global scale! In addition to their undeniable popularity, however, Invisalign also works to produce effective long-term dental results fast.

Are Invisalign clear aligners right for you?

These modern ‘invisible braces’ are rising rapidly concerning their popularity within the field of cosmetic dental care! These transparent plastic aligners not only look fantastic within the mouth (arguably their main point of attraction for many patients’) however they also produce impressive results which last! Despite their excellent reputation, however, many patients may be unsure of what to expect from the Invisalign treatment process, and whether or not Invisalign will work for their pretreatment smile!

Imperfect smile? Invisalign could be the solution.

Much like any dental, orthodontic, or cosmetic dental treatment, every Invisalign treatment journey starts with an initial consultation! During this introductory consultation, the patient will discuss their treatment goals and target areas with a dental healthcare professional! A dentist may present a variety of different potential appliances available, whilst offering advice regarding the patients’ unique dental case!

So you’ve decided to go ahead with Invisalign clear aligners, what happens next?

After both you and your dentist have decided that Invisalign is the perfect solution for your imperfect teeth, then the treatment process can begin! Alternatively, patients can opt for an even simpler method when it comes to determining the best treatment option for their smile!

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Embracing the advancements of modern dental technology.

Invisalign takes pride in utilising the latest advancements within modern dental technology, which leads to a superior standard of care when it comes to the patients’ treatment experience! Many modern dental clinics request a photo of the patients’ pretreatment smile to determine whether Invisalign could work for them, discussing their future smile plan with experts to decipher the next best step to achieve the desired results!

The treatment process is far simpler than you may think.

The field of orthodontics has evolved rapidly since traditional metal braces were the only option to amend a patients’ dental insecurities. Invisalign transparent aligners offer a quick, hassle-free alternative to clunky, unsightly orthodontics which may be an unattractive treatment option for the majority of individuals. When it comes to the treatment process itself, many patients are initially surprised at how easily they can achieve their dream smile!

Taking the first step towards your dream smile.

Even as an adult, achieving straighter teeth can be life-changing for many! Traditional orthodontics are typically thought of as worn by children or teens, Invisalign offers a subtle and simple alternative to perfect adult teeth! But how does Invisalign work to produce a happier, and therefore more confident smile?

Clear aligners that work around you.

Invisalign clear aligners are known for their convenient and discrete nature! In addition to their obviously aesthetically pleasing physical appearance, Invisalign trays are replaced every several weeks to achieve the patients’ desired results!

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