Why is VR gaming unique?

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What is VR?

VR is the abbreviated form of virtual reality. This technology has once seemed like a distant, futuristic manifestation of future technology, however recently it has become available for the wider public. VR happens through the wearing of a specific head mounted screen or screens, which looks very similar to glasses, however the lenses are replaced with a screen or screens, which mediate the VR experience. It also typically incorporates auditory and video feedback, but sometimes also other force and sensory feedback as well through haptic technology. VR can be used for gaming, training and a variety of applications. If you ever thought of wanting to experience VR, but did not want to spend lots of capital on VR headsets, the virtual reality experience by Navrtar has been made for you.

What is Navrtar?

Navrtar is quite a unique venue found in Ealing, London. Here, you can experience VR gaming with your friends, family or colleagues. It is excellent for team building purposes as well due to the high levels of cooperation required for playing the games available. Moreover, the venue is also a fully licenced bar, so if you would like to have a couple of drinks before or after the experience, you are welcome to do so here. The package includes a demo session, which lasts for about 30 minutes and is meant to make you and the rest of your team familiar with the world of VR. After this, you can choose from 3 games, all with slightly different focuses and objectives. The first one is called the apocalypse. This game is a classic video game scenario dressed into the new VR experience, which makes it even more exciting than before. In this game you have to tackle hordes of zombies in multiple rounds with the help of your teammates and of course some guns. The last steam standing will win. The difficulty ranges from easy to hard, which means that the game will be increasingly harder as you progress in time. The second game you may opt for is called alien defence. This is also quite a classic video game scenario: aliens are trying to invade the world, and you and your teammates have to not allow them to do so. You will do this with the aid of guns, however this game also requires some strategy and problem solving, as you have to search alien spaceships that crashed for valuable intel needed to win the game. This game is medium in its difficulty. The third game you can normally choose is called the heist, in which you and your team become police officers who were ordered to the site of a bank robbery. This game is focused on problem solving rather than action; it is similar to an escape room – but more exciting! Unfortunately due to COVID-19 this particular game is currently not available.

What are the rules?

In the venue, people aged between 13-17 can be present, but must be accompanied with an adult. Up to 5 players can play the games. To drink alcoholic beverages, you must of course be over 18.

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