What is Invisalign?

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A patient should consider Invisalign W1 if they wish to straighten their smile in a comfortable, easy and subtle manner. The cutting edge treatment allows patients to alter their smile for the better, and it uses technological advances to give patients the best possible option when it comes to straightening their teeth. This treatment can be an alternative to having to wear metal braces for those with minor or moderate dental misalignments. The aligners which are used can be removed and this allows the treatment to be incorporated into the patient’s life without having to alter the way they eat or drink. Patients can also benefit from a quicker treatment time when compared to more traditional methods. Many people are concerned about the appearance of their smile and are unsure about how to remedy it, using these sets of transparent aligners makes the procedure much simpler. It also hands much of the ownership and process of the teeth straightening journey over to the patient, but this gives them much of the responsibility too, as they must follow the route prescribed by their dental professional in order to reap the rewards of straighter teeth.

How does it work?

Patients do not have to undergo any messy impressions, as the aligners can be designed using iTero technology. This technology can also be used to demonstrate to patients what their smile will look like post treatment. The aligners are custom made and discreet and can be used to rectify a number of different alignment issues. Patients are given the opportunity to speak with their dentist to determine if this is the correct treatment for them, the dentist can also answer any questions the patient may have. The health of the teeth and gums are then assessed before the treatment commences. Once the aligners are fitted patients are then given new ones every couple of weeks which are worn in the right order to coax the teeth into the correct position. Post treatment, patients are given retainers to ensure their smile stays in the new position. People who are considering Invisalign, should read on to the next section.

person wearing clear braces

What should I do next?

Many may well consider Invisalign treatment, as the aligners are comfortable and act quickly. If anyone would like to talk about receiving Invisalign to improve their smile, then they should consider getting in touch with their dental practice. Patients are always encouraged to book an appointment with their dental healthcare professional who will assist them on their journey to a healthier smile.The chosen practice should be able to fit their new aligners, as well as advise on how to best care for their oral health whilst undergoing treatment. Prior to this they could also have a look at the practice’s website to learn more about their chosen treatment, as well as look at other treatment options that are available. Dental practices are always welcoming to new patients and always want to help them achieve their smile goals. This not only keeps the patient happy with straighter teeth, but also the dentist happy with job satisfaction!

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