Siren Mermaids: The Combination of Two Mythical Creatures

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  • Mermaids have fishtails and a human torso, while sirens have bird-like bodies with human heads.
  • Siren mermaids are hybrids of sirens and mermaids with origins in 14th-century European folklore.
  • Melusine, a woman with a fish tail and wings, is the first example of a siren mermaid in literature.
  • Siren mermaids represent the duality of human nature, a combination of beauty and danger.

Mermaids and sirens are both fascinating mythical creatures that have captured the human imagination for centuries. The tales about sirens and mermaids are as old as time. You’ll find them in many mythologies and popular literature, from Andersen’s Little Mermaid to Heinrich Heine’s Lorelei.

But what happens when you combine the two? In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of siren mermaids and how they represent a unique combination of two iconic mythical creatures.

Mermaids and Sirens: Origin Story

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First of all, let us break the common misconception. Are sirens and mermaids the same creatures? No. We are talking about two non-identical creatures that come from different mythological backgrounds. Moreover, they differ in both looks and behavior. So, what’s the difference between sirens and mermaids?

Mermaids Originate From Mesopotamian Mythology

You’ll find the first mention of mermaids in Mesopotamian mythology in the story of the goddess Atargatis. Atargatis was the Assyrian goddess of fertility, moon, and water, who fell in love with a mortal.

After accidentally causing his death, overwhelmed with guilt, Atargatis threw herself into a lake. However, she didn’t die but was transformed into a mermaid – a creature the upper part of a woman and the lower part of a fish.

Sirens Come From Greek Mythology

You’ll find the origins of sirens in Greek mythology, where they are described as creatures with a head of a woman and a bird-like body. They are mentioned for the first time in Homer’s Odyssey, but they are most likely inspired by the ba-bird – a bird with a human head from Egyptian mythology that leaves the body after death.

Are Sirens and Mermaids Evil

While the key difference between sirens and mermaids can be seen in their appearance, you’ll also notice they have different behaviors. Namely, sirens are known to be evil creatures that lure travelers with their voices to devour them, while mermaids are known to be both evil and good.

Another key siren vs mermaid difference is that the former can only live in the sea, while the latter can live on both land and sea, which makes the sea siren even more dangerous.

The Concept of Siren Mermaids

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The evolution of mermaids and sirens went through many changes since its inception. This brought to tailoring a new concept called the siren mermaid. What is a siren mermaid? Simply put, this would be a hybrid of a siren and a mermaid. This concept found its roots in 14th-century European folklore.

Melusine is the best representative of this new type of creature. She was a woman cursed by her own mother, who transformed into a serpent-like mermaid every Saturday. This went on until she married and was described as a woman with a fish or snake tail and wings.

On the symbolic side, this story also illustrates the connection between pagan and Christian beliefs.

Cultural Significance

While Mesopotamian and Greek cultures portray their mythological creatures differently, siren mermaids can be interpreted in both good and bad ways, as we can see from the way they are represented in pop culture.

For example, in the video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you’ll find a siren mermaid hybrid called nixa, which is portrayed as a vicious monster.

However, in the 2015 fantasy horror film Mermaid’s Song, a siren mermaid symbolizes the main protagonist’s coming-of-age story.

Symbolism and Meaning

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All myth lovers are most interested in the symbolism behind the terms. On that note, we can look at the symbolism behind the siren mermaids from two points of view – astrological and psychological.

Astrological Symbolism

From the astrological point of view, we have the combination of two elements – water, which represents emotion and intuition, and air which represents intellect and communication. You’ll also find that the astrological sign of Pisces is often compared to mermaids since it symbolizes two fishes swimming in different directions.

Psychological Symbolism

From a psychological point of view, siren mermaids represent the duality of human nature – a combination of beauty and danger and our attraction to the mysterious and unknown.

Are mermaids real? Most likely not. However, reading about them will help us learn more about the human psyche since these mythological creatures reflect human fears and desires.


Siren mermaids are a unique and captivating combination of two iconic mythical creatures and the best representation of comparative mythology. By blending Mesopotamian and Greek lore, we got an iconic mythical hybrid, leaving a massive cultural significance in both folklore and modern literature.

By exploring their origins, cultural significance, and symbolism, we can gain a deeper understanding of why they have remained such a popular subject of human fascination, and why they continue to inspire us today.

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