The wisdom behind smiling and its rewards

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More and more people are becoming aware of the exponential effects of having straighter teeth. Commonly known oral benefits of having teeth straightened with orthodontics are many and include the fact teeth are easier to clean, more protected against damage as well as the fact that straighter teeth promote healthier gums. But the reach of perfectly aligned teeth goes far beyond just benefits to dental health.

Before we expand on these desirable benefits, it must be stated that if interested in popular modern orthodontic treatment plans, a patient would do well to visit an Invisalign dentist in Welwyn for a proper oral assessment and consultation. A patient may tend to lean towards on-demand, direct-to-consumer teeth straightening products (out of convenience) but before taking this step they should first consider how safe and effective these methods are.

There are a few problems with choosing this method. The General Dental Council (GDC) points out in a statement that only those dental practitioners who are registered with the authority body are permitted to offer orthodontic care. The quality of care offered by these dental practitioners is directed by standards of dental care they are obliged to abide by.

Remote consultations present another problem in that these cannot offer an accurate dental examination, as this can only be reliably carried out with a physical clinical examination by a dental practitioner. In addition to this, DIY orthodontics may cause permanent damage to dental structures which is another reason why patients should avoid this option.

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Why the increased interest in straightening teeth?

While the benefits to oral health are many as they are worthwhile, the drive to straighten teeth is more concerned with enhancing dental appearance to be perceived as attractive. Survey after survey continues to show an increase in demand in aesthetics-focused dental treatments. In a UK consumer survey of 1 000 respondents aged 18 and older, 43 per cent of respondents indicated that they were considering some form of cosmetic dentistry including teeth straightening.

People are looking for more aligned smiles as an attractive dental appearance has huge payoffs. The first and foremost payoff is the level of confidence one receives. This confidence prompts one to grab opportunities of a professional nature, as well as engage with others on a social level to make friends or even find a romantic partner.

Then there is the intrinsic reward of smiling too to be aware of. The simple act of smiling a genuine smile can transform the feeling of unhappiness to one of happiness. It is almost as if smiling is a reminder to the brain to feel happy, to feel content or to bring about a positive frame of mind.

It is a very welcome thought that it is never too late to improve the alignment of teeth and with the availability of clear aligners (prescribed by a registered dentist) adults, too, can live a rewarding life made possible with a pleasing dental appearance.

To find out more about the rewards of straightening teeth or have questions answered about teeth straightening treatment plans available, get in touch with your dental practitioner for qualified advice.

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