Marvel vs. Capcom 2: The Crossover to Save the Multiverse


It’s always a nice surprise when elements of different fandoms come together for the enjoyment of fans. This can be through crossovers between comics, like in 1996 when comics fans got the limited series DC vs. Marvel. In this four-issue series, readers voted to decide who would win in fights between iconic characters from each franchise.

But you know what’s better than just reading about characters from different franchises fighting each other? Actually letting them duke it out, with you in charge of their attack. Such was the appeal of “Marvel vs. Capcom 2” when it was released in 2000. Through the game, comics and video game fans can pit S.T.A.R.S. elite Jill Valentine against X-Men’s rogue or test the mettle of Street Fighter’s Ryu versus Marvel’s Iron Man.

Over 21 years since the game’s release and it’s still one of Capcom’s top sellers. In 2016, reports indicated that “Marvel vs. Capcom 2” sold over 1.4 million units digitally. Take a look at what this game was all about and learn a few characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 2’s roster.

What was Marvel vs. Capcom 2?

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“Marvel vs. Capcom 2” was an arcade game, the fourth in a series involving characters from both massive franchises. The premise of each game was simple: some character, usually originally made for the game thought sometimes it was prominent villain in one franchise, would threaten the multiverse. The characters of “Marvel vs. Capcom 2” were pitted against Abyss, a new villain who had somehow imprisoned the Earth in a dark miasma. Heroes and villains from each respective franchise had to set aside their difference and work together to end Abyss’s menace.

The game features two modes: a single-player story mode and a multiplayer mode. In the story mode, the player selects three characters from Marvel vs. Capcom 2’s roster. They would then have to battle through seven other three-member teams to fight Abyss. In multiplayer mode, two players can pit their respective teams of three against each other. Each team’s members can support each other and swap out as needed.

Which Characters were in Marvel vs Capcom 2?


When it was released in 2000, “Marvel vs. Capcom 2” already had a plenty of sources to get its characters from. Marvel had been printing comics for decades and Capcom had several successful arcade and video games under its belt. The arcade game had a roster of 56 playable characters.

Capcom Characters

Capcom’s franchises in 200 included video games such as “Darkstalkers,” “Resident Evil” and “Street Fighter.”  

Players were free to use the following characters in “Marvel vs. Capcom 2.”

  • Jill Valentine

From the “Resident Evil” survival horror games, Jill Valentine appears in the game dressed in her iconic garb from the first installment of the series. She can, somehow, summon flaming zombies, undead dogs and whip out an enormous rocket launcher, aside from using her fists and feet in battle.

  • Ken Masters

Ryu’s rival and best friend from “Street Fighter” appears alongside other characters from the franchise in “Marvel vs. Capcom 2.” Still dressed in his red karate outfit and blonde as ever, Ken can punch, spin kick and unleash a barrage of hadoukens to decimate his opponents.

  • Morrigan Aensland

The seductive Scottish succubus hails from Capcom’s “Darkstalkers” franchise. Morrigan can charm her opponents to drop their guard before tearing them to ribbons with her sharp wings or summoning hordes of bats to destroy them.

Marvel Characters

“Marvel vs. Capcom 2” boasts a bevy of characters familiar to people today thanks to their appearance in associated movies. However, the arcade game features are few villains and heroes that may be unfamiliar to younger audiences.

  • Shuma-Gorath

An eldritch abomination that routinely frightens even Doctor Strange, Shuma-Gorath may seem innocuous. The creature looks like an eyeball surrounded by six tentacles, but it can distort itself to grow way too many mouths, fire energy beams and rip reality itself to overwhelm its foes.

  • Rogue

Although she appeared in all three “X-Men” movies, Rogue is still very much an underdog in Marvel’s roster. In this game, she can incapacitate her opponents with her deadly kiss and knock them down until they’re defeated with a flurry of punches and kicks.

  • Sentinel

A Sentinel really isn’t an individual character in “Marvel vs. Capcom 2.” Rather, this robot represents one of many mechanical terrors created to destroy mutants. The Sentinel can shoot beams of energy, fire rocket barrages and extend its limbs to punch foes across the arena.

Over two decades since it’s release, “Marvel vs Capcom 2” remains an extremely enjoyable experience. Who wouldn’t want to match the might of Thanos the Mad Titan versus the wiles of M. Bison the Mad General? The game is still available for digital download for the discerning video game fan.

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