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Choose the direct-to-patient option

Many people out there wish they could do something about the alignment of their smile and correct visibly crooked or overlapping teeth discreetly – through a treatment such as Invisalign in London. However one of the biggest factors which might put patients off seeking out such treatments is the time in which they take to be installed.

Whilst Invisalign does typically realign teeth faster than conventional braces, the process of getting every unique retainer set created, fitted and monitored throughout your treatment can be time-consuming as it typically requires patients to make numerous return visits to their dental practice.

One option that is increasingly growing in popularity however is taking the direct-to-patient approach, whereby the entire Invisalign treatment process can be completed through just three dental visits – as the majority of the process is carried out at home – and can straighten out a patient’s teeth in just 4-6 months.

What does the direct option entail?


For patients who want the most convenient and efficient way to align their smiles through Invisalign, without having to put time aside for numerous dental visits, the direct-to-patient option is an increasingly popular choice.

The first stage in getting Invisalign treatment through a direct service begins in the same way as getting Invisalign through a regular practice does – by getting an initial 3D Invisalign scan. These high-tech dental scanners negate the need for uncomfortable and messy moulds to be taken, as they can create detailed and perfectly accurate three-dimensional visual representations of your dental shape without any physical moulds being taken.

Having these scans in a digital form also allows for the cutting-edge Invisalign Clinicheck system to visually demonstrate exactly how your teeth will shift during your treatment, as well as what timescale you can expect to see these results.

Once these digital renders have been created they will be emailed over to you for your approval and review – alongside a payment link that will let you pay for the treatment. After this has happened you can then either have your unique set of Invisalign retainers delivered out to you for a remote fitting or – if prefered – you can arrange to have your Invisalign retainer fitted from within your dental practice.

How can my treatment be monitored remotely?

When people undergo Invisalign treatment they want to make sure that, as their treatment progresses, everything is coming along as it ought to and according to the plan. This is why those who carry out Invisalign treatment from within a dental practice usually have to attend at least two appointments during their treatment to monitor their progress.

For those who opt to carry out Invisalign treatment remotely through a direct-to-patient service, however, there is still a fast and easy way to allow your dentist to monitor and assess your progression, without needing you to visit the practice.

This is achieved through the Clear Braces Direct Monitoring App, which is a mobile application that is available for all major smartphone devices and allows the patient’s to take pictures of their progress and send them to an Invisalign professional quickly and easily – eliminating the need for time consuming or unnecessary appointments. This app also lets you get in touch with an Invisalign professional whenever you need it and ask them any questions you might have.


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