Here’s What You Can Do To Overcome That Gaming Burnout

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Whether you play on a console or prefer the competitive gaming scene the PC platform can offer, we can all agree that playing games are one of the best and most famous entertainment choices nowadays, with binging films and Netflix shows coming as a close second. And with all that time spent stuck at home for the better part of almost two years now, the vast gaming community has only strengthened in numbers as it welcomes the most unlikely of people to pick up the controller through titles like Among Us and Animal Crossing.

However, no matter how much fun you can get out of playing your favorite agent in Valorant or challenge yourself with a Permadeath BOTW playthrough, even the best and genre-defining titles can expose you to some form of gaming burnout. Sure, you could shrug it off and blame it on bad RNG for ruining your mood, but we can’t deny that finding out you’re not enjoying your games anymore is one of the worst feelings out there.

Games Can Get Quite Mentally-Taxing After Some Time

You see, while games and any form of entertainment for that matter are crowned as stress-relievers, games, in particular, can be mentally exhausting if you’re playing at a high level or an unrivaled level of dedication. And while some people enjoy the grind and taking a completionist route for the satisfaction they get for winning or hitting 100%, this puts your mental clarity and fatigue in a predicament.

  • Staying On The Grind And Losing Sleep: One common sign of you suffering from gaming burnout is when you’re crunching matches and squeezing in a few extra moves every night, essentially losing sleep over something that’s supposed to help you relax. Of course, there’s merit in your devotion to the game, its lore, and the immersion you experience, but all that fun should never come at the expense of your health and well-being.
  • Not Getting The Results You Wanted: In addition to the grind-ey nature of some titles and genres, another way gaming burnout seeps into your thoughts is when you don’t get the results you wanted from your hard work. For example, you could’ve been one win away from getting that target MMR only for a bad teammate to pull you down or have your hardcore Minecraft world disappear right in front of you as a creeper sneaks in between the bathroom breaks.

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Redirect That Negative Energy And Take A Break

However, much like any other case of burnout and fatigue, gaming-associated stress is not impossible to overcome, so as long as you’re willing to go AFK for a bit and take a break from the high-pressure environments. And, soon enough, you’ll be back on the grind feeling better than before and maybe even performing at a level you never thought was possible.

#1 Catch Up On Movies And Shows You Missed

Firstly, an excellent way of shifting your focus onto something equally as exciting is catching up on all the movies and shows you’ve missed out on because you were too busy on an extended gaming session. For example, you might’ve overlooked the fact that Spiderman: No Way Home just dropped yet another shocking trailer, so it might be time to get up to speed with Shang- Chi and The Eternals. Also, if you haven’t had the chance to check your Netflix recommended list, we suggest catching up on Arcane before Act 3 premiers this coming November 20.

#2 A Bit Of Nostalgia Always Helps

Besides catching up on some trending films and shows, for those of you who can’t keep their hands away from the keyboard, mouse, and controller, we recommend indulging in a bit of nostalgia instead. Rockstar Games just released their Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition, and what massive GTA fan wouldn’t want to experience all those stories once again remaster in modern graphics? And if that doesn’t get you hooked, another date with Skyrim’s latest update never hurt anybody.

#3 Maybe Try Putting Those Hands To Work

Of course, taking some time off the screen is just as good, if not better, at helping you recover from gaming-related fatigue. Remember, stepping back into the real-word and outside of the virtual space can have just as many memorable experiences, and if you’re willing to pick up a cookbook or start a garden, then you’ll fill your stomach as well. Furthermore, you could also take your chances with home crafting with a few vinyl materials, mood boards, and whatever else you can find lying around.

Rediscover The Passion For Games All Over Again

Games represent one of the best forms of entertainment in the modern era and no matter what genres and styles you enjoy, there’s always something for everybody. So, to keep your mental well-being in check and have you gaming sober for the upcoming winter sales, please take your time to go over the tips above before you start investing in extended gaming sessions again.

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