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Are you self-conscious about your smile?

Your smile is beautiful, and you ought to let it shine every day. Every time a smile crosses your face, a chemical reaction inside your brain happens, serotonin and dopamine are released. These are the neurotransmitters of happiness, and by smiling you actually increase your level of happiness. That said, many of us are sometimes self-conscious about how our smile looks, and because of this hide our smiles away. This is, needless to say, damaging to our overall mental health and happiness. As such, anyone who feels self-conscious about the way their smile looks ought to seek out cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill, and employ direct action in taking back control of their happiness and their smiles.

What cosmetic dentistry solution is best for me?

If you feel like your smile, and your overall happiness, could be increased by seeking out cosmetic dentistry – then the initial step in receiving any treatment would be to visit a trusted cosmetic dentist to discuss your options. There are literally countless cosmetic dentistry procedures, each designed to address a different issue which patients have with their smiles.

Professional whitening

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One of the most commonly sought out, and non-invasive forms of cosmetic dentistry is professional tooth whitening. This is an effective way of brightening the shade of your teeth and, in turn, boosting your sense of self-esteem or confidence. Many patients are often self-conscious about having discolouration or stains on their enamel – which is the outermost layer of tooth. Staining to the enamel can be caused by a number of reasons, such as smoking, drinking staining drinks such as black coffee, red wine or tea, or from natural ageing. Solutions, such as Zoom whitening offer patients the chance to brighten their teeth by as much as eight shades in as little as an hour.

What does Zoom whitening do?

Zoom whitening can almost instantaneously brighten a patient’s teeth, by the application of a dentally verified and perfectly safe amount of a specialised peroxide-based bleaching gel. This gel is put within the interior of a custom moulded dental retainer, which is then placed over the patient’s teeth. Next, a UV light is placed on top of the retainer. This UV light breaks down the peroxide bleaching agent, and oxygen begins to burn off any superficial stains, marks or discolouration and leaves teeth visibly whiter without causing any damage to the enamel or dentine (inner layer of tooth). There are numerous home-whitening kits which can be easily purchased over the internet, although these are generally advised against by dental care professionals, as they often have dangerously unsafe levels of  hydrogen-peroxide which has the potential to permanently damage the enamel of a patient’s tooth. Whilst enamel is actually the strongest part of the human body, if it is lost it does not regenerate. This is why it is vital that it’s integrity is preserved and that – although home-whitening kits may be cheaper than Zoom whitening through a verified dental practitioner – patients choose wisely when seeking out cosmetic whitening treatments.

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