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A growing oral health issue in the UK adult population is that of misaligned or crooked teeth, which are linked directly to the development of other oral health problems. Many of these adults may have been offered treatment to realign their teeth earlier in life and may have opted not to receive treatment for personal reasons that may be very valid. However this may have led them to believe that the opportunity to receive treatment had passed them by.

This simply is not the case, as there are now many tooth alignment treatments available in the dental market of the UK. For potential patients looking for tooth straightening methods the options that are available to choose from represent new modern and discreet forms of treatment, that allow potential patients to receive effective treatment without other people around them noticing.

When considering these contemporary treatments Invisalign Wimbledon, really can be considered as one of the more unobtrusive solutions available for realigning the teeth.

A modern and effective tooth alignment treatment

The Invisalign treatment being offered in Wimbledon is a perfect alternative to the wire and metal braces that people are familiar with. For those who were offered treatment in the past with the wire and metal brace, but decided to not engage with the treatment, due to the image they create, the new clear brand of braces may be the solution.

Developed in America, these aligners represent a complete revision of the thinking around tooth alignment treatment and the devices involved, that addresses the main barriers to engaging with treatment. Made from two layers of clear plastic, which is strong and durable, that is moulded to sit over each individual patient’s teeth, this modern aligner really can hide in plain sight.

Gone are the days of someone needing tooth alignment treatment but worrying about the way they look to others, as the braces of old often attracted unwanted notice. Now those in need of treatment can receive it in a completely discreet manner, as the new aligners are practically invisible to the eyes of others.

The negative effects of misaligned teeth

Misaligned teeth can often be the root cause of many other dental issues, as they can be difficult for an individual patient to keep clean to a high standard, this leads to a negative impact on someone’s oral hygiene and health. It is common to see a high presence of gum disease, plaque build-up, and tooth decay within the mouths of those with misaligned teeth, having the teeth straightened and correctly positioned could help to alleviate these common issues and give the patient a higher standard of oral health.

Another issue experienced by those with misaligned teeth is that of a weakened bite, as the teeth cannot form the correct positions needed to create a solid biting pattern, leading to problems with chewing and eating some foods. Again, aligning the teeth could be the solution that leads to the patient having a stronger bite, allowing them to enjoy food in ways they never thought possible.

Why delay?

For those seeking a solution to the problems associated with misaligned teeth, Invisalign may provide the answers they are looking for, they should not delay any longer and should contact a dental professional to find out more information.

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