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Having a smile that is visibly uneven or crooked can have a negative impact on your life in both a social sense and in regard to your oral health. However, treating a crooked smile no longer necessarily requires the traditional metallic brackets or wires which many associate with orthodontics, as by choosing Invisalign Luton you can fully realign the shape of your smile without having anything fused, fixed or attached to your teeth in any way.

More and more people of all ages are opting for Invisalign treatment due to its non-invasive and discrete appearance to misshapen teeth, although there are still many out there who aren’t aware of what this remarkable treatment is or the benefits it could bring.

What actually is Invisalign treatment?

The Invisalign retainer system was first invented back in 1997 but didn’t hit the global market till around 2001. Since then, however, it has received worldwide acclaim and grown to become one of the most popular forms of cosmetic orthodontic alternatives. Principally, Invisalign treatment negates the need for brackets or wires to be fixed within your mouth by instead using a custom made retainer set to straighten out your smile.

These retainers – which are all individually crafted for the patient who wears them – make use of pressure points and ridges within them. These groves have been specifically positioned when the Smarttrack retainer is made so that, when worn, pressure is applied to the individual teeth within your mouth which need realigning. When you wear your Invisalign aligner it fits around your teeth perfectly, and thanks to its design and transparent material it is almost impossible to detect.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

The discrete advantages which a treatment such as Invisalign offers makes achieving a straighter smile a far more appealing idea for many – particularly teenagers or young adults who may have not sought out traditional orthodontic treatments otherwise because of the potential aesthetic implications. Invisalign allows people of any age the opportunity to address crooked teeth through a method that is virtually invisible to the untrained eye.

Besides the cosmetic advantages which this offers, it is also considered by many as a more relaxing and less obstructive way of aligning your smile because nothing is fixed anywhere which gives you the opportunity to take it off whenever you should choose.

What does getting Invisalign take?

Anybody who is interested in Invisalign and wants to learn more, or find out if it could help shift any crooked teeth you’ve got and improve both your oral health and the symmetry of your smile should get in contact with a trusted local dental provider and schedule a consultation.

That way you can get all the measurements and sizes taken from which your custom retainers will be crafted. Additionally, during many of these Invisalign consultations, the practitioner can give the patients a detailed digital representation of how their teeth will shift over the course of the treatment as well as what the finished result will be.

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